On the Road… Part Three, Home Again

9-16-2014 trip

Well I managed to successfully complete my trip. I got the mileage wrong in an earlier post, it was actually around 104 miles one way from Brighton to Effingham. The car got completely charged overnight using my L1 charger. At the conclusion of the charge it showed 112 miles of range. But as the range meter is better known as the “Guess -o- Meter” I knew I would need to charge again in Mulberry Grove. I was at my meeting until 9:30PM and left for home. I got to the RV park and it was all dark, but I had made an arrangement with the owners and they knew I would be charging last evening. I charged for about an hour and fifteen minutes and with 81 mile on the GOM I then hit the road again. It was well after midnight when I got home and I had 23 miles left on the GOM. I put the car on the charger and went to bed. I managed to keep my Wh/mi at around 200 for the entire trip.

My first analysis of the trip shows that I added about 3 hours to the round trip with charging stops. I paid 4 dollars for the Electricity at the RV park. This cost is as opposed to the 90 dollars for an ICE rental, not to mention fuel at 3.15 a gallon. So I see this a net gain on the financial front. Not to mention I got to use “My Car”, just another positive in my book.

The FFE is a great short roadtrip car, if you don’t mind making a stop to charge.  I am glad that I managed the trip, my little experiment a success.

Now onto further trips.