On the Road… Part Two

Well, I made it safely to Effingham and the car right now is L1 Charging. The drive was fairly easy and leisurely accomplished. I averaged 45-50 MPH as I drove through many little towns on the route I chose. The Hotel I am staying at has many outlets around their building and they are letting me charge overnight. I never got lower than 32 miles of range on the 95 mile drive.

Ford has a wonderful tool that gives information on Charge Status, Kwh per mile and other interesting tidbits. I use this on a daily basis to see how I am doing based on this info. Today as I was charging in Mulberry Grove, IL I pulled out my smartphone, pulled up the My Ford Mobile Application and logged on….. But no today is one of the many days that MFM (My Ford Mobile) is deciding to have a fit. I tried a couple of times on the phone, then using my phone as a hotspot tried on my laptop… Service Error… AARGH!

Well, I will trust that the car is charging O.K. overnight and will have more information in the morning. Now all I need to do is get through the conference tomorrow, then I get the joy of EVing all the way home.

More as I get it.