There is a first time for everything …

Well, a couple of days ago I had the very first Low Battery warning flash on my dash. I was driving my usual Friday errands but I used the Interstate as opposed to city roads. This meant were I normally would have 35-40 miles left on the GOM (Guess-O-Meter) I was down to the last 10 miles. The temps have really started to fall here in Southern IL with the average being in the low 40’s. Many days are starting as sub freezing temps. On those days pre-conditioning the cabin is a must. I still get about 90 miles on the GOM every day with the odd 100+ miles on warmer days. I am eager to see what will be the results during the winter months.

My first real test of the GOM and range of the car when I drive from home to Mascoutah IL. I will be attending a Wrestling Tournament there and it is about 45 miles away. I hope to charge up while I am there.  But I haven’t heard back yet from the fellow who has a EV Plug a couple of blocks from the HS. If I can’t charge there I will charge at a local Community College who recently installed Chargepoint Stations. More on this after I get back on Friday.




Fr. Bill