Trying something interesting…

Battery Consumption per route


Tomorrow I will be taking a longer trip than I normally would especially because it will be almost all at highway speeds. Granted 30 miles is easily within the range going but I am not so sure that I will get 60 miles round trip at 55MPH. I called the retreat center that I am going to and asked for permission to plug in and was granted that, so I said what the heck lets give it a try. The temperature will be around 17 Fahrenheit, which is not exactly optimal operating temps for the Focus. I should be fully charged when I leave home (Depends on when I leave the High School and can get a supplemental charge at home.)

I am really looking forward to testing this out. I have a couple of trips in the coming weeks that will require more distance than I normally drive at one time. I hope to be able to report that I get there and back with no problems. More on that when I get back.


Fr. Bill