My 106 mile day

Trip   Charge LogYesterday I knew I was going to drive a little farther than I would on a normal Friday. I usually go to a meeting on Friday mornings in Saint Louis and come home. That is about 63 miles round trip. I fully charge the my EV (Ford Focus Electric) and make the round trip with no problem and plenty left in the battery.

This trip was complicated in that the day before I had left my winter jacket at the dentist’s office and had to go and retrieve it. This left me with a problem, I had a feeling it would be well outside of the range of my car this time of year. I would have to do mostly highway driving and this uses more juice. Well I knew that there was a charging station near my first destination so I left a little early and topped off my battery for the rest of the day.

After having topped off the battery I went on my merry way, got my jacket, went to my meeting and ran an errand. All this amounted to about 63 miles. I had about 55% of the battery left for the trip home.

I made it home after another 43 miles and had 10 left on the battery. I almost could have made it without the supplemental charge but I would rather have been safe then sorry.

I am very glad that the weather is getting warmer, with each increase in degrees the car just gets more efficient.

Well that was yesterday, my 106 mile day.