To Leaf or Not to Leaf that was the question.

As I mentioned in my earlier post I had reached the decision to move away from a Plug-in Hybrid to an all Electric Vehicle. I started looking around for examples of EV’s in my area. There were some deals to be had and I wanted to get the biggest bang for my buck. The first EV I drove was a Tesla S P85. Now I realize this was a bit of a stretch. To go from a Ford Fusion to a Model S would have required enourmous sums of money. But I just wanted to see what a pure EV was like. I have to say that the Model S is one incredible vehicle and a blast to drive, but way outside my price range . Well after the Tesla  joyride I settled down and started to look for something a little more economical. The only EV to be had in my local market was the Nissan Leaf. I decided to take a test drive. I must say that the Leaf is a technological marvel. It has a lot going for it but it just wasn’t what I was looking for. But the deals to be had were almost to irresistible. I heard from my Local Ford Dealer that they were getting in a Focus Electric around Christmas Time. I went to have a look but it was gone as soon as it hit the lot.

I was still on the fence about getting an EV. I really had driven the Leaf and done quite a bit of research and just couldn’t pull the trigger. I made due with the Fusion Energi and resolved to keep the pattern of behavior and just tough it out. But I kept looking and scheming and researching.

This August Ford came out with a deal for the Focus Electric that was for me impossible to pass up. $6000 cash back,and  0% financing for 60 Months. I was a bit upside down in my Fusion but this package would let me purchase the FFE (Ford Focus Electric). I set about trying to find one. I was a bit concerned as to whether I would fit in the Focus and I am a fairly large fellow, but alas there were no FFE’s in the area. I went to my Local Dealer and found a comparably equipped Focus and had a sit. I fit comfortably. With my research in hand and the incentives on my mind I went to the Dealer and said, “Can you find me an Electric Focus?” After a bit of searching he found one a bit away and arranged for it to be transported to the dealership.

I took ownership of it 1 week ago today and have already put 500 all electric miles on it. I am very please with the FFE and look forward to pushing it to the limits. I will speak more on the limits in the next post.

So in the end I decided not to go with the Leaf but the FFE and I am very happy with my Choice