National Drive Electric Week – Saint Louis

Sunday, 9-21-2014, at the Saint Louis Science Center for National Drive Electric Week.  Cars and other Electric Vehicles from Illinois and Missouri converged at the Planeterium Parking Lot. The vehicles included everything from and Electric Bikes to multiple Tesla Model Ses'(not sure what the plural of Model S would be, forgive me Sr. Geraldine if that was wrong.).


There were about 35 vehicles there from what I could tell. I actually got to the event about half way through so there might have been more. You can see in the above picture Volts, a Model S, a Zenn, and many converted vehicles(including 2 converted Ford Ranger pickups). It just so happened that I parked nearby a couple of vehicles that I knew about but had never seen. I bought my car in Alton, IL through Roberts Motors. My salesman Alan had been telling me a family that bought a Cmax Energi and a Ford Focus Electric. Well lookee here…


I had been hearing about them for about a year and finally got to meet them. They are very much into Solar Power, specifically by their home for its southern exposure. They have a sticker on both vehicles ” Solar Powered”. Thanks to Kevin and Peggy for sharing with me their info and experience with the Ford Focus Electric.


I was parked next to some really nice folks driving the Nissan Leaf. I got to talk with them of their experience with the Leaf. Found out that we all had our EV for less than a year. We all were equally enthusiastic for our EV experience.  One family even blogs about their experience, just like me.

Overall it was a great experience and I look forward to next year.