Chargepoint Mobile App


Just the other day I was running a number of errands and knew that I needed to charge in the middle of the day. I use my iPhone Wallet case as my primary wallet but keep a second wallet with lesser used cards in my back pocket. Today though I was in shorts and decided not to carry my secondary wallet. What I forgot though was that my Chargepoint card was in that wallet.

I got to the place where I was going to charge and then realized why I should have brought my wallet. I was out of luck to charge then, but then I remembered that I had the Chargepoint app on my phone.

I went and checked to see if the location was included in their system. I knew this was a Chargepoint system but in times past it did not appear on the Chargepoint map.

It was listed so I asked it to authorize me to charge and presto the cable released and I was able to charge my EV.  This is one great feature for EV drivers to know about. I suspect most charging vendors will be moving to this model but this was my first experience remotely authorizing a charge session.

Whatever service you are subscribed to you should check to see if they have a mobile app that will allow you to do the same, it is incredibly convenient and in my case a day saver.