US EV’s are Suburban, not city cars.

Today on Green Car Reports there is a post which refers to Tom Moloughney a resteraunteur who believes that EV’s in the US are suburban not city vehicles. The article goes on to describe the average ay in which EV’s are used in the USA.

Indeed because of the lack of Charging points in major urban areas EVs are at a stark disadvantage to suburban areas. For in suburban areas the likelihood of a residential level 2 charger is much higher.

It has been my experience that I as a commuter in the Saint Louis, MO area. I live about 30 miles from Saint Louis and regularly go into the city for work and other commitments. It is really easy for me to get into the city and back home with the range I get in the Ford Focus Electric.  I even am able to run several errands if the need arises.

With proper planning you can even take longer distance rides as I have done multiple times. It will only be a matter of time until someone develops an affordable 200+ mile EV.  Until then I will thoroughly enjoy my Suburban Car.