Well now I’ve gone and done it….


I can truly say that I have lost my mind. Years after hearing about the Tesla Model S and knowing it would someday become my daily driver, it’s day has come. Meet Debbie, my Model S85. I could only hope to have purchased it because of the new Certified Pre Owned Program begun two weeks ago. I picked her up last Thursday and have been enjoying every moment since.

Today I just took my car for the first time to a Supercharger. This is a DC Fast Charger that can get the battery for 10% to 80% in just over 30 minutes. I am planning a trip to Huntsville, AL in early June and wanted to test out the hardware before I left.  I drove from my home in Brighton, to Springfield where there is a Supercharger. Whilst I was getting fueled (Lunch at the Engrained Brewery) Debbie was filling up her battery. Indeed before I had finished my lunch I got a message via my iPhone that Debbie was fully charged.

I will comment more on the economics of this in a later post but for right now I am one very happy driver. Now I get to drive home, what a great day off!