Supercharger Trip to Florida Part 2: (Effingham, IL to Lexington, KY)


So I hopped into the Car and jetted off to the Indianapolis Supercharger. The trip was again slowed down by construction eastbound. Once past the construction zone I was up to the speed limit and via the trip Energy Meter was well within the range needed to get to Indy. I generally on this trip tried to keep the reserve at around 10 percent. I must have had a tail wind because rather than declining throughout this leg of the trip the reserve predicted at the end was going up, sometimes even to 14%.

I made it to Indianapolis and I knew I would be there for about and hour to get me to the Lexington, KY SC. I got out, stretched and headed into the hotel for a rest stop. There was a gas station next to the hotel, but having stopped in there before I decided it had nothing to interest me. I had also packed provisions for most of the journey so after about 20-25 minutes I got back into Debi (my MS is the first car I have ever named). I figured I would put my final destination for the first leg of the trip into the trip planner and see what Debi had in store for me. When the Nav finished crunching the numbers it had me getting to my overnight point at 8:47 AM. Needless to say I was very unhappy and surprised with this. I double checked with EV Trip Planner and came to the reluctant realization that I was not going to overnight in Tifton, GA. I called the hotel to cancel my reservation so I could get someplace closer. They of course had a midnight cancellation policy, so there went $110 wasted.

Here, though I had initially decided against it, I resolved that I would drive straight through to WDW. Having done the trip to Florida a number of times, I thought one more time would not affect me much. I got a 95% charge at Indy and was off again. I got to the Lexington, KY SC and knew I would again charge to 95% to get to Knoxville, TN. There is a Meijer’s store there so I went hunting for something to eat and possibly drink. I also took a rest stop. I probably was there for about 30 Min. I spent about 10 minutes of this searching Meijers’s for 5 Hour Energy, which they did not have. On a different note when I pulled into the SC I plugged into the 1A Charging Station. I got a red charge port ring. I was not too distressed and just moved the car to 3A where it charged successfully. I called Tesla and let them know, they said thanks and would have someone out to check on it the next day.

So off to Knoxville at around 10:30 PM EDT… Part 3:(Knoxville, KY to Orlando, FL)