Tesla Supercharger and Store: Cincinnati, Ohio

Last week I went to a conference in Cincinnati. I utilized the Supercharger network where I charged in Effingham, IL; Indianapolis, IN; and Cincinnati, OH. I have visited Effingham and Indianapolis on prior trips. The Cincinnati Supercharger Location was under construction when I was last through.

This trip was my first opportunity to use the facilities there. I have been reading about this location for the better part of a year. On the Tesla Motors Club (TMC) forum people kept a close watch on the development of this site. Tesla put a lot into this location. They developed on the grounds of a former Jaguar dealership a store, service center and Supercharger. This Supercharger location, unlike others, is isolated with no amenities nearby. Tesla made provision for this by including in the store a 24 hour Lounge for those utilizing the Supercharger.

I pulled in on Wednesday the 30th of March about 6:00 PM. I parked the car and plugged in needing about a ten minute charge to get me safely to the conference site with enough juice to get back the Supercharger for a more complete charge.

I went inside the store and was met by Bradley. He asked if this was my first trip and asked if there was anything he could do for me. I asked where a restroom was and he quickly showed me it’s location. He also offered to show me around when I was through.  When I finished up I went back out into the store and Bradley was finishing a phone call. I wandered around looking at Tesla Swag for sale. Bradley quickly got to me and led me around the Lounge, giving me the daily code to get access to the lounge after hours.

This took about 10 minutes so I went out to the car, unplugged and headed to my conference. I planned to go back to get a full charge later that night so I figured I would check out the amenities of the lounge then. I will describe my impressions of that visit in my next post.

Until then Peace,

Father Bill