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Tesla Referral Program

In a new program meant to stimulate Model S sales there is now a Referral Program. Existing Model S owners have a link that will give a prospective purchaser a $1000 discount and the referrer a $1000 dollar credit.

If you happen to be in the market for a Model S, please consider using my link I will be using the credit towards repairs and maintenance for the coming years.

Thanks in advance if you click on the link!

Well now I’ve gone and done it….


I can truly say that I have lost my mind. Years after hearing about the Tesla Model S and knowing it would someday become my daily driver, it’s day has come. Meet Debbie, my Model S85. I could only hope to have purchased it because of the new Certified Pre Owned Program begun two weeks ago. I picked her up last Thursday and have been enjoying every moment since.

Today I just took my car for the first time to a Supercharger. This is a DC Fast Charger that can get the battery for 10% to 80% in just over 30 minutes. I am planning a trip to Huntsville, AL in early June and wanted to test out the hardware before I left.  I drove from my home in Brighton, to Springfield where there is a Supercharger. Whilst I was getting fueled (Lunch at the Engrained Brewery) Debbie was filling up her battery. Indeed before I had finished my lunch I got a message via my iPhone that Debbie was fully charged.

I will comment more on the economics of this in a later post but for right now I am one very happy driver. Now I get to drive home, what a great day off!

Electric Vehicle Heads-Up-Display… Kinda

A.T. & T. has now developed a system for drivers looking at getting an EV to lesson there anxiety about buying one. It actually looks kinda clunky. When I first read about this on Inside EV’s I thought it would be some tech that we could add to our EV to get a Heads Up Display. That would be very cool in my opinion with similar info as what is included in our nav systems.

There are other options than this for users of smart phones. I used iEV 3 for the iPhone. This has a similar functionality to the above simulator. It has each available EV listed as an option. You can find it in the Apple App Store and in the Google App Store for Android.

Each person will have a different experience with whatever system they use but I find the smartphone way to be much more reasonable and accessible for the average user.

Georgia To Kill $5,000 Electric Car Credit, Will Impose $200 Annual Road-Use Fee On EVs

Georgia To Kill $5,000 Electric Car Credit, Will Impose $200 Annual Road-Use Fee On EVs.

Another state moving to shutter its EV purchase credit program. Not only that but they then want to impose a $200 Annual tax on EV’s. All this to eliminate a hole in their transportation budget.

Georgia has been one of the most active EV adopting states, I wonder how this will affect the future of EV purchases? Time will only tell.

To Leaf or Not to Leaf that was the question.

As I mentioned in my earlier post I had reached the decision to move away from a Plug-in Hybrid to an all Electric Vehicle. I started looking around for examples of EV’s in my area. There were some deals to be had and I wanted to get the biggest bang for my buck. The first EV I drove was a Tesla S P85. Now I realize this was a bit of a stretch. To go from a Ford Fusion to a Model S would have required enourmous sums of money. But I just wanted to see what a pure EV was like. I have to say that the Model S is one incredible vehicle and a blast to drive, but way outside my price range . Well after the Tesla  joyride I settled down and started to look for something a little more economical. The only EV to be had in my local market was the Nissan Leaf. I decided to take a test drive. I must say that the Leaf is a technological marvel. It has a lot going for it but it just wasn’t what I was looking for. But the deals to be had were almost to irresistible. I heard from my Local Ford Dealer that they were getting in a Focus Electric around Christmas Time. I went to have a look but it was gone as soon as it hit the lot.

I was still on the fence about getting an EV. I really had driven the Leaf and done quite a bit of research and just couldn’t pull the trigger. I made due with the Fusion Energi and resolved to keep the pattern of behavior and just tough it out. But I kept looking and scheming and researching.

This August Ford came out with a deal for the Focus Electric that was for me impossible to pass up. $6000 cash back,and  0% financing for 60 Months. I was a bit upside down in my Fusion but this package would let me purchase the FFE (Ford Focus Electric). I set about trying to find one. I was a bit concerned as to whether I would fit in the Focus and I am a fairly large fellow, but alas there were no FFE’s in the area. I went to my Local Dealer and found a comparably equipped Focus and had a sit. I fit comfortably. With my research in hand and the incentives on my mind I went to the Dealer and said, “Can you find me an Electric Focus?” After a bit of searching he found one a bit away and arranged for it to be transported to the dealership.

I took ownership of it 1 week ago today and have already put 500 all electric miles on it. I am very please with the FFE and look forward to pushing it to the limits. I will speak more on the limits in the next post.

So in the end I decided not to go with the Leaf but the FFE and I am very happy with my Choice