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Tesla Weekend Social: Part 1

I got an email from the Tesla Mothership the other day inviting me to a social event this weekend. I suspect they are going to show us some goodies as well as giving us a look at features of a Tesla Model S that some of the owners of Classic Model S’s do not currently have access to.

I got here a bit early and got on to Tesla’s guest wireless network to write up this post. People are just now starting to pull in so I will post this and report back later the events of the day. Until then,


Father Bill

Tesla Referral Program

In a new program meant to stimulate Model S sales there is now a Referral Program. Existing Model S owners have a link that will give a prospective purchaser a $1000 discount and the referrer a $1000 dollar credit.

If you happen to be in the market for a Model S, please consider using my link I will be using the credit towards repairs and maintenance for the coming years.

Thanks in advance if you click on the link!

Does Supercharging Cut Battery Capacity?


Just saw an article over on Green Car Reports that gives some anecdotal analysis on the effect of Supercharging on the MS battery. I have not had his experience but I will be watching my numbers in the coming months. One of the primary reasons I bought my CPO MS 85 was for the range. The author of the article claimed a 9% reduction in battery capacity over 35,000 Miles. I can only hope that his experience is atypical.


Father Bill

Source: Life With Tesla Model S: Does Supercharging Cut Battery Capacity?

Drive Act to impose use fee on EV’s


The U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works issued a press release on July 21st that details the outline of the DRIVE act.

From the Senate Press Release

The bipartisan, multi-year Developing a Reliable and Innovative Vision for the Economy (DRIVE) Act would help modernize the nation’s infrastructure and transportation systems to better allow America to compete in the 21st century.”

The upshot of the draft legislation is to update the roads, bridges and other transport infrastructure  for the future. As part of the this act there will be levied a user fee for Electric Vehicles ( I expect this to include any vehicle with an electric drive component, PHEV or Hybrids.)

  • Extends new user fee to electric vehicles: The DRIVE Act ensures all users of the roads and bridges pay their fair share with a new federal share program initializing new state controlled user fees.

In theory I have no problem paying my fair share for use of the roads. But the track record of Federal and State governments is not good on using new money to improve. What happens more often is old funds allocated for infrastructure repair are repourposed when the new money comes in. The old Social Security Shell game used by the Department of Transportation.

Only time will tell if this act passes. I fully expect to be levied a fee (TAX) at some point. I just hope that it is no more that I used to pay in gasoline taxes.

You can read the full press release here.

CA Fuel-Cell Car Drivers Say Hydrogen Fuel Unavailable, Stations Don’t Work


Apparently the alternative drive Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle(FCEV) is going through a teething phase. Battery Electric Vehicle’s(BEV) EVSE Charging infrastructure is much easier to build up with Level 1 /Level 2/ Level 3 DC Fast Charging popping up all over the U.S. and indeed the world.

Time will tell if the FCEV will ever take off.

Source: CA Fuel-Cell Car Drivers Say Hydrogen Fuel Unavailable, Stations Don’t Work

Georgia To Kill $5,000 Electric Car Credit, Will Impose $200 Annual Road-Use Fee On EVs

Georgia To Kill $5,000 Electric Car Credit, Will Impose $200 Annual Road-Use Fee On EVs.

Another state moving to shutter its EV purchase credit program. Not only that but they then want to impose a $200 Annual tax on EV’s. All this to eliminate a hole in their transportation budget.

Georgia has been one of the most active EV adopting states, I wonder how this will affect the future of EV purchases? Time will only tell.

Could smarter parking lead to lower CO2 emissions?

MEGATRENDS USA: Ford’s open electrification strategy – it’s all about reducing CO2 – Automotive World.

Well in the above linked article it seems that Ford believes that using smart parking technology in conjunction with Hybrid and Electric Drive Trains will lower the emission of CO2.

Mike Tinsey of Ford says that  “Electrification is a big part of this target. But what does not get talked about is why the EV is more efficient.” 

I only hope that Ford is really committed to the concept of Electrification.  I really want an affordable 200+ Mile EV, whether it be a Ford, or a Tesla.  Ford has the pedigree and production capability to make it a reality if only they follow through.

Here is to hoping they do what they say.