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Boy it has been a while

Sorry that I have not been on this site for quite a while. Life has a way of getting very busy and some things just fall to a lower priority. The reason for this post is the recent announcement that Tesla will be discontinuing the Lifetime supercharging program for Model S/X orders placed after January 1st 2017. It will be replaced with a program that will give 400 kWh annually. Any usage of superchargers above that level will be charged at a competitive rate. It is said that this will help in the expansion and upkeep of the supercharger network. Ultimately I believe that this is a good thing. I will however make sure that I take really good care of my Model S and drive it till the wheels fall off. Model S/X vehicles purchase before January 1st will all be grandfathered in with lifetime supercharging. 

The supercharger network was one of the reasons that I really wanted to purchase a Model S. This network allows for relatively quick long distance travel to just about anywhere you want to go (still no supercharger in Paducah though, please sometime soon Tesla). I have taken my S to Orlando, FL (via Indinapolis, Lexington, Knoxville), Chicago, IL and Cincinnati, OH. All these destinations were easily accessible because of the supercharger network. One great thing about it was the cost. I only spent money on human fuel (Diet Mountain Dew) and the cost of tire wear. 

I suspect in a few years when my 13 wears out I will look into a Model S that is one of the lifetime supercharger 16’s but until then I am very happy with my car. The Red Comet does everything I need it to do exceedingly well and I imagine it will do so for years to come.


Father Bill